What Are Some Of The Best Bands From New York City?

New York City is only the largest and most culturally diverse city in the United States, so you can imagine there is a band for every type of music there and more. The top NYC bands are booked at venues all over New York and outside of the city, too. Perhaps you just have an interest in Indie music, or maybe you’re looking to book a New York City band for your event. These are some of the best New York City music

Some of the bands have been around for quite some time, like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. What a name, right? Of course, indie music was mentioned earlier, and this band did get a major record deal. What qualifies a group to be on this list? I mean, if we were naming the most famous bands from New York City, there would be some pretty big names on this list. But you want to discover new bands and fresh music, right?

You can enjoy the best music from New York City bands all over the country and the world. Have you heard the music of The New York Dolls or Chairlift? See, to me that would be new music that I would want to explore. However, if I were to drop names like the Wu-Tang Clan, you likely have heard of them. I grew up with their music, and they are a top band from New York City, as you can tell due to their overwhelming popularity back in the 90’s.

Do you like electronic pop? If you are into this type of music, then you might like the NYC band St. Lucia. I told you there were all kinds of hugely popular bands from all genres of music in New York City. These are just representative bands but some of the best bands that New York City has to offer.

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