The Best Bands Of Long Island Have Always Dominated The Music Scene

Long Island has a storied history when it comes to producing musical talent. From Lou Reed to Billy Joel, from Mariah Carey to Dee Snyder of Twister Sister fame all hail from Long Island. Although today you don’t have as big of a mainstream music scene as Long Island once did, you still have plenty of smaller bands originating from the Island.

You can’t say which bands are the best because that is a matter of personal taste, but today you will find a hot EMO and hardcore punk scene. This has mainly grown out on eastern Long Island in Suffolk County where you can find these types of bands playing every day of the week.

Unfortunately, some of the better LI, NYC concert halls that were in existence during the 80’s and 90’s have shut down leaving a large hole in the music scene. The 80’s and 90’s on Long Island had an incredible local music scene where you could catch talented musicians at fantastic venues in places like Huntington, Port Jefferson and on the South Shore.  

You will always get an argument as to who’s the best, but as far as bands from Long Island go, Billy Joel has to be at the top of the list. You can say that whenever you think of Long Island and its music scene, Billy Joel always comes to mind as one of the greatest ever.

Let’s not forget Loe Reed, who grew up on Long Island and was a very influential figure in the world of rock and roll. He inspired people all over the world to take up music after hearing his unique style.  Then we have the sweet Mariah Carey who is one of the most talented vocalists alive today.

Long Island has a rich history of music that is still going strong today, it just changed a lot in style. With that said, the music people listen to today is much different than in years past because of the way marketing works now. It’s possible to get “heard” of much earlier in the game with things like a good agent, marketing team, or even Long Island SEO company working for you. Regardless of how it happens, Long Island will always remain at the forefront of producing talented individual musicians and bands.

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